Panodrama-Find Out Truth For Youselves

Pennine Comment:I wasn’t going to update my blog’s subscription this year, but things being rather dramatic in our present days( to say the least-haha)with all the mouth-gagging, virtual book-burning,fake-news industry & the incessant purgatorial bias of BBC(am pleased i don’t pay their license fee, its bad enough listening to it for free on radio)I’ve decided to re-new my blog for another year at least.Please may I urge all those with a public page, Facebook, a WordPress Blog etc… to help get out the Truth that the estalishment are criminally trying to suppress and in places succeeding, after all they’re the ones with all the technology -much of it paid for by we the taxpayers. 
BUT.. after all, They Can’t Lock Us All Up Surely!!! Be Careful Though In The Process-These Are Dangerous Days!!!


ReBlogged -Courtesy of Unity News Network & You Tube

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