Enoch’s “Angels” Chopped Down The Ancient Giant Trees!

Some years ago at the Department of Theology at Durham University i was first introduced to the book of Enoch (since then it has become fashionable.)Returning home, upon looking back over the city from the train and there hung a lovely rainbow. I’ve always felt since, that this might have been a sign, for further perusal into Enoch’s writings.

It’s no accident -after being generally suppressed- these writings today are being openly discussed and researched, and along with practical evidences left behind (i never knew these remnants,old huge tree trunks existed in the world) studied along with the ancient writings (eye witness accounts,  of those whose  authorship has passed down to us, or if not by these authors then  most certainly  via oral tradition. And there seems much to suggest that giants could have existed, much of  which we have a problem believing today,(simply because of the changed environment) are legends containing truths. Maybe people did communicate with Gods or God & Angels,and even perhaps other dimensions who knows,  greatly facilitated by these magnificent trees or structures.

How much money has gone into NASA’s research into a form of space which may or may not exist, when our own world and it’s origins & history,whilst passed off as the fantastic may be more realistic and amazing than a lot of complicated, undecipherable, formulae (albeit they may have a role to play for minds which understand them) of the cold side of science.

Courtesy of Jay Dreamer Z & You-TUBE

Enoch’s “Angels” Chopped Down The Ancient Giant Trees!


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