The Left’s Push For Pedophile Acceptance

pennine: While I don’t believe these matters belong exclusively to just one political area(i.e. pedophiliacs can exist in any political party, religion or/and outside these systems) It has to be said it does appear that the Left  is in danger in its ‘Tolerate all sexual varieties’ drive in encouraging some very dangerous & nasty stuff into its fold & spreading it out into the wider community and by socio-psychological teachings (some of us may say ‘brainwashing’) of children, manipulating society into acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal” sexual practice of some people, along with this will follow the usual PC Diktat & gags, and if we don’t accept “their” rights, we shall be punished and branded “Pedophobic.”

This practice must Never become acceptable!Never made lawful! It isn’t normal nor natural. The young lady in the You Tube video White Rose points out how a child’s fear against such people is their defence. There is now spiritual drought  in the land and with it no comprehension that evil & bad stuff do exist. These promoters of pedophilia need to stop dismantling children’s natural revulsion & defenses against that which would harm them.

As one who has always loved rainbows [have had my internet handle (rainbows)long before the 57 varieties of sexual preferences adopted it for their flag and the Creator & Giver of the Rainbow & it’s spiritual message was given us all much further back still) Isn’t it time we reclaimed it? Considering the stuff that’s coming under its Flag now, the use of the  murkiest colour existing would be more apt.


Courtesy of White Rose & You Tube

The Left’s Push For Pedophile Acceptance


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